Cooking cooking cooking


Kristin continues to feed the baby and I feed her, so I have been doing a lot of cooking recently such as: Goat Cheese and Leek Tart, for today. Brownies – These are more of a desert brownie, great with icing sugar and a little cream. Roasted White fish with leek – A classic kind of Jamie Oliver dish, I used cod. Potato supper, a simple dish of Bacon, Potatoes, Onions to which I added a good quality Italian sausage.

Good eats, bad eats

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So another week goes by and some more food eaten. First up is Östgöta Källaren on Östgötagatan, and basically we didn’t eat here because of the extremely rude service we received upon trying to find a table. I would avoid this place in the near future as there are so many other places worthy of your business in the area. Vampire Lounge underneath though can be recommended for the great cocktails available.

More bars and places in Stockholm – weekend update


So this weekend went to a few more places, after work I went to Belgobaren (Bryggargatan 12 just off Vasagatan), not the first time that I have been there but its a good place with an excellent range of Belgium beer and it was located very close to T-Centralen. Unfortunately the service that we got for food was non-existant so we left as it took 20 minutes to get just a menu, so I would recommend it for the excellent Kwak, Chimey or Duvel they have but I am not so sure about the food.

Good food but bad movie.

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Last night we went out shopping, ended up buying something in Keihls store in Stockholm. As always the service was great and we found out that if you are not happy with a product you can take it back and exchange it for something different. Very unusual for a cosmetics company. After that we went to find some food, originally we thought about going to get some Tapas, but instead ended up around Rådmansgatan, and after a short walk decided to try Paladar de Cuba, Tegnérgatan 19 and I must say that we were quite impressed.

Google Gulp


Looks like Google are doing the same with their New Drink as they did with gmail – letting everyone else do the hardwork in getting one ;-) Already there are caps for sale on and I expect to see plenty more and plenty more stupid bids. Happy 1st April.

Sunny Saturday

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Well the [sun]() has finally decided to make an showing in London to warm up the capital, and very nice it was too. Spent a nice day walking down The Thames and along Southbank taking in the views, the beach or what you can call a beach though I am sure the reclaim the beach parties are in aid of something and generally enjoying the weather before it takes a turn back to the norm.