Updating contact details


I have just spent the past 90 minutes updating contact details – much longer than it should take. Would be nice if I could just update say on Plaxo, and linkedin, Facebook etc would receive the updates but I guess we haven’t got to that stage yet. Have also sent out emails to lots of people, so apologies if you haven’t received one. The main change is my mobile number – it belonged to Vizrt, with whom my last day was officially the 31st of December.


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It’s been another Christmas, and almost a full year. Christmas was good this year – Mum and Dad came over and spent it in Sweden, a little bit of time in Stockholm but mostly in the country. I think they really enjoyed meeting Harriet for the first time. Harriet enjoyed meeting them too but I don’t think that she really noticed Christmas this year. She got lots of nice things to make her life cosy, her teddy bear and soft toy collection is growing almost as fast as her clothing collection is.

Update from the summer


Its been a while since I have posted an update here other some technical posts. So the big news is that we are expecting a baby, and this has really consumed most of the thoughts over the summer and changed our behaviour somewhat! Everything seems to be about getting ready for the big day (In November) and the huge changes that will come with it. But we managed to go on some picnics and tried to make the most of the short summer here in Sweden.

The weekend in review


Seems along time since I have given an update and I guess this is due mainly to lack of time in my part. Since the last update I have been skiing and hanging out some with friends. So this weekend was fairly typical. Friday: Finished some design work for work, got the documentation out and built a new version of some Windows software. Went and got Kristin a Kronan miltary bike – really nice.

Moving to Sweden or Norway

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Its funny, my posts about moving to Norway are far more popular and getting many more visitors than any post about moving to Sweden. Could it be because Norway is quite a difficult place to enter compared to Sweden?

Google PowerMeter

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I really want to see Google PowerMeter adopted in Sweden, I guess it will be a long time coming, but an overview of power usage would be excellent. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/power-to-people.html For that matter I would like to see Mint.com adopted by Swedish banks though I am sure they will argue that they have to do it themselves with some stupid software developed by a kid out of University that knows nothing about UI, and banks that complicate everything as much as possible.

As seen on the T-Bana


Someone has been dressing up the T-Bana (Stockholm’s subway/Metro/Tube system).

Karlstad and Birthdays


So this weekend we went up to Karlstad, and it feels like quite a while ago that we did. Kristin had her birthday this Monday, so it was a small family gathering for her eating good food, dealing with too many chickens and picking Chanterelle mushrooms. Yesterday was Kristin’s birthday so we went out for a meal at Brassier Godot. It was good food, but perhaps not as cosy as we could have wished.

New paint, new kitchen – almost


Last weekend we got our act together and started on the kitchen, its probably the room in the house that needs the least work on it but its nice to make our own mark and give it some character. As with the rest of the house, the ceilings are white, and some of the smaller walls we kept white, which goes nicely with the kitchen units and the old 1920s original kitchen cupboards and doors that are still there.


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So now we have moved in the decorating is in full swing. There has been lots that we have done, but much still to do. K and I have been talking about building a floating wall for the living room, I think that needs some more thought but first off its the easy things like curtains. So last night we went to Marimekko and chose a design by Erja Hirvi called Lumimarja.