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It’s been another Christmas, and almost a full year. Christmas was good this year – Mum and Dad came over and spent it in Sweden, a little bit of time in Stockholm but mostly in the country. I think they really enjoyed meeting Harriet for the first time. Harriet enjoyed meeting them too but I don’t think that she really noticed Christmas this year. She got lots of nice things to make her life cosy, her teddy bear and soft toy collection is growing almost as fast as her clothing collection is.

Officially a father


Went in today to sign some documents and have an “interview” – so its official that I am now a father. Was quite sure that I was at least a month ago also, but thanks mother Sweden for making it available in the public records. Baby is doing fine, me as well I think.

Our new arrival


On Saturday at 17:40 our beautiful baby girl was born. The delivery was really quick and both Mother and baby did a sterling job. We haven’t decided upon a name yet, trying to work out something that works in English and Swedish is not that easy but we hope to have something soon. Here are some photos taken just after the birth: