This is the personal site of Tim Child.

I am CXO and Co-Founder at iconik Media AB where we create extensible next generation solutions to Digital Media Management problems. I live in Stockholm, Sweden where iconik is based.

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Smart home alarms in Sweden


Late last year we moved to a house in the Stockholm area. As part of this move we decided that we wanted a monitored alarm system. One that has a 24⁄7 guard response if the alarm is on, or if there is smoke detected in the house. We got quotes from multiple companies working in Sweden. One thing that I noticed was although these companies think their systems are smart, they are not really what I would describe as smart for 2018⁄2019.

Why I removed JQuery


I have removed JQuery and all the scripts that depend on it from this site. The start of this came from looking into site performance for our company websites, checking best practices and using the awesome Chrome Audit tool. For this site I noticed that it was really quite fast already, a time to interactive of 980ms is well below most sites on the internet, and this is somewhat helped by having it deployed on netlify’s CMS.

Don't use Facebook for company support forums


I see this with a couple of tools, but most recently the one that annoys me is framer the designing and prototyping tool. They have recently released a beta of framer.x which is a complete rebuild and allows designing and prototyping with React components (using TypeScript at the moment, but ES6 support is coming). For some ridiculous reason they use Facebook as their support and community forum. A task that Facebook is hopeless for.