Smart home alarms in Sweden


Late last year we moved to a house in the Stockholm area. As part of this move we decided that we wanted a monitored alarm system. One that has a 247 guard response if the alarm is on, or if there is smoke detected in the house.

We got quotes from multiple companies working in Sweden.

One thing that I noticed was although these companies think their systems are smart, they are not really what I would describe as smart for 20182019. They all had Phone apps, remote arming, and usually some sort of smartplug and the system was integrated enough to be able to work together. However none of them really worked with anything else apart from perhaps a Yale doorlock.

Smart would be also integrating with Philip Hue lights to turn on the lights if smoke was detected, perhaps even run a scene. Smart would be to turn off other smart appliances in the house if smoke was detected such as ovens, washing machines, heating systems and manage ventilation. Smart would be able to align with other camera systems, Nest alarms and door bells. But alas this only seems to be really available in the USA right now, with things starting to happen in the UK.

We went with Verisure for now, perhaps the smartest of these dumb closed systems but I live in hope that they will see the light in the future.

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