Update from the summer


Its been a while since I have posted an update here other some technical posts.

So the big news is that we are expecting a baby, and this has really consumed most of the thoughts over the summer and changed our behaviour somewhat! Everything seems to be about getting ready for the big day (In November) and the huge changes that will come with it.

But we managed to go on some picnics and tried to make the most of the short summer here in Sweden.

Kristin with hamper

I have been working on the bedroom which I can say is finally just about ready. The door way is filled in, decorated and the plasma screen put up on the wall. I wallpapered the other couple of walls and painted everything else. We both think it looks good. I have also been sorting out a desk to work from at home, and the network and geeky computer stuff – probably will post about that at some other time.


That took up some of the holidays, then we went to Bulgaria for some sun and relaxation – it was nice but I don’t think that we will be going again as the Bulgarians seem to have ruined their own countryside in the name of tourism.


For the last part of the holiday Mum came to visit us in Sweden and we took her in to the countryside and a good time was had by all.

Mum and I

So now its the big run up to the baby being born!

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