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So now we have moved in the decorating is in full swing. There has been lots that we have done, but much still to do. K and I have been talking about building a floating wall for the living room, I think that needs some more thought but first off its the easy things like curtains. So last night we went to Marimekko and chose a design by Erja Hirvi called Lumimarja.

Another week

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Time seems to be flying by as I get even closer to my next birthday, with the minutes rolling into hours, the hours in to days and so forth. Last night we had a friend over and I cooked a meal, of recipe for which is conveniently on the internet: Roast Pork with Rosemary and Caramelised Apples. I added some peas and some Roast Potatoes for good measure. Was quite good, though probably not the best thing that I have cooked.

Good eats, bad eats

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So another week goes by and some more food eaten. First up is Östgöta Källaren on Östgötagatan, and basically we didn’t eat here because of the extremely rude service we received upon trying to find a table. I would avoid this place in the near future as there are so many other places worthy of your business in the area. Vampire Lounge underneath though can be recommended for the great cocktails available.

Stockholm congestion tax and roads in general

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Have been borrowing a couple of cars quite recently and I have just noticed that its cheaper to take a car from inside the city and pay the congestion charge than to pay the average day car parking fee, now I am not sure how that helps matters. Surely it would be better to leave the car at home and just use public transport until I need the car. I haven’t looked at how much a monthly permit is but I wonder whether it is cheaper than the 25Kr a day it costs in congestion charge at the times that I use it…