More bars and places in Stockholm – weekend update


So this weekend went to a few more places, after work I went to Belgobaren (Bryggargatan 12 just off Vasagatan), not the first time that I have been there but its a good place with an excellent range of Belgium beer and it was located very close to T-Centralen. Unfortunately the service that we got for food was non-existant so we left as it took 20 minutes to get just a menu, so I would recommend it for the excellent Kwak, Chimey or Duvel they have but I am not so sure about the food.


From there we went to meet some friends at [Akkurat]() on Hornsgatan in Södermalm, a place which I wasn’t particularly happy about going to – it doesn’t seem to have the best clientele from walking past but in its favour you can get Chimey and Guiness there and seems to sport a broad range of drinks, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

And I revisited Indigo Bar, on Götgatan in Södermalm, a nice little place although everytime that I have been there its been packed. Still its easy and one of the better places at the north end of Götgatan.

Looking for a brunch spot in Södermalm we decided to try Dolly’s Saloon on Götgatan, probably way after brunch time as it was advertised as having brunch, though I can’t say anything we saw to eat there was brunch and we ended up ordering lamb racks with potato wedges and a steak with fries – it was priced the same as a normal priced good meal in Stockholm, but was probably less than average and way more filling than we needed at the time. I don’t think that I will be going back as we have had far better meals for less. Some of the paintings inside though are laughably bad..

Following on from this we went shopping in Söder and including the usual places ended up in the [Adidas originals]() shop and on Sunday Filippa K in Bruno mall, Götgatan 36. It also houses Whyred, Reiss, Stuk and American Apparel amongst others.


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