Good food but bad movie.

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Last night we went out shopping, ended up buying something in Keihls store in Stockholm. As always the service was great and we found out that if you are not happy with a product you can take it back and exchange it for something different. Very unusual for a cosmetics company.


After that we went to find some food, originally we thought about going to get some Tapas, but instead ended up around Rådmansgatan, and after a short walk decided to try Paladar de Cuba, Tegnérgatan 19 and I must say that we were quite impressed. Both ordering the same thing, Beef with Chorizo and with Cassava and it was excellent, particularly the Cassava – I think the first time that I have tried this root vegetable and hopefully not the last. The surroundings in the restaurant and the service was both good, so I would definitely recommend Paladar again


From here we went around the corner to the Cinema on Sveavågen, and choose to see Before the Devil knows you’re dead and what a disappointment that was, its probably one of the most pointless and boring movies I have seen at the cinema and the only highlight was getting to the end of it and going home. One to miss at the cinema, ignore for rental and definitely don’t buy it in the shops…

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