No Country for Old Men.


Yesterday we saw the latest Coen Brothers film: No Country for Old Men and I must say that I liked it very much. Firstly the downsides; I am totally unsure about whether I liked or even got the ending at all. And thats about it for the downpoints – I think its probably the best movie the Coen Brothers have directed though not necessarily the most enjoyable. The acting was first rate, the dialogue was fantastic and I particularly liked Josh Brolin’s character.

Good food but bad movie.

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Last night we went out shopping, ended up buying something in Keihls store in Stockholm. As always the service was great and we found out that if you are not happy with a product you can take it back and exchange it for something different. Very unusual for a cosmetics company. After that we went to find some food, originally we thought about going to get some Tapas, but instead ended up around Rådmansgatan, and after a short walk decided to try Paladar de Cuba, Tegnérgatan 19 and I must say that we were quite impressed.

Creating with iLife


One of the things that I wanted to do when I came back from my holiday (vacation to those Americans) was to take all the footage and photos and put them in something more structured and what better way than to create a DVD with everything. This is how I did it (if you are reading this through RSS you might want to go to the site as the structure will be better).

Movies coming out


There are some excellent movies coming out, or at least they should be excellent if they live up to my expectations, and I don’t usually hold high hopes for films. First up Casino Royale: And secondly there is Superman returns which should be released in June:

Shining 2005


Done by “Rob” this is a remake of a classic. 95% of women tested didn’t get it.

Project Grizzly


I so want to see this:



I am loving this short movie entitled “Delivery” by Till Nowak over at Framebox. Check it out: Its worth the download of the Divx version

Spike Jonze Adidas Ad


Recent posts have been alittle dry and techie recently so here is something a bit more creative, a new Spike Jonze Adidas Ad ad – very beautiful it is too.

Upgraded my Home cinema abit

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Just I made the plunge and finally upgraded some elements of the home cinema by the inclusion of firstly a Pioneer 575A DVD player which also plays back DVD-A, SACD, DVD-R/RW, CDR, Divx, jpg and mp3 files! It has progressive scan on component video outs and it plays very nicely to.Next up was the screen so I choose after many hours reading the forums over at AVForums a Panasonic PWD6. I am still waiting for the stand to arrive but so far I am very impressed with the performance of the screen particularly when driven from the component outputs of the 575A with progressive scan enabled.

Lego Spiderman


Really good bit of animation on this short made out of Lego.