No Country for Old Men.


Yesterday we saw the latest Coen Brothers film: No Country for Old Men and I must say that I liked it very much. Firstly the downsides; I am totally unsure about whether I liked or even got the ending at all. And thats about it for the downpoints – I think its probably the best movie the Coen Brothers have directed though not necessarily the most enjoyable.


The acting was first rate, the dialogue was fantastic and I particularly liked Josh Brolin’s character. I also was relieved with the non-hollywood style ending and the fact that they took risked with the main characters development unlike most films that I have seen recently.


All the way though being the geekboy that I am I was also thinking about the brothers use of Apple software to do much of the work on the film – some of the same software that I am using on this laptop…

For a trailer check out:

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