Back from England – part1

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Last weekend we arrived back from a all-too-short week away in England. Its the first time that I have been back in quite a while and one of the ones that I have most enjoyed. Firstly we flew in to London City Airport dodging the bad luggage of Heathrow, the bad connections of Stanstead and the general grottyness of Gatwick. It only took about 30 minutes to get to our hotel, the Hoxton situated nicely on Great Eastern Street.



Seems ages since I last posted up and since then I have visited Japan. The main part of my stay was for InterBee tradeshow with Vizrt where I was showing some of the new integration work for Viz software and the Viz|Video Hub. The show was in an area called Chiba (Greater Tokyo Area of Honshū Island). Then after this I moved into Tokyo proper to have a few days off and see Tokyo.

Back from Beijing


So I have just got back from Beijing and it was really good. They seemed to clear up the pollution whilst I was there, going from a nasty cloudy mess to bright blue skies – helped by some rain on the last day. I got some time to experience some more of Beijing at night, eating Scorpions, Centipedes and Snake (don’t try Centipede – it doesn’t taste so good and is twice the price of the other snacks) and I totally recommend trying Scorpion.

Three good things about Sydney


So whilst I have been here three things really stand out as the highlight of Sydney. The Asian food. I have had some really good Asian food here, whether its Japanese Ramen, Korean Octopus or simply Chinese noodles, it really puts Europe to shame – I have yet to have even a mediocre dish put in front of me. The place looks absolutely stunning, it really does have some fantastic views, skylines and buildings.



Overlooking the office district, originally uploaded by timc3. I am in Sydney at the moment, mainly been working but we have a great view from our Vizrt Office overlooking the office district. Sydney is really beautiful, and although the locals think its cold – it really is the perfect temperature for an English Man! Take a look at for more photos.



My first update in ages, and its from Singapore. I have also recently been to Frankfurt and Berlin, but they are of course a little nearer than Singapore. I think this is the first time that I have been somewhere so humid, but I really enjoyed it here. Broadcast Asia 2007 seemed to go well, our main reason for coming here but we got a couple of evenings to sample the food – which was great, particularly the crab and the venison.