Trip to England


The weekend we got back from a visit to England primarily to see my parents as it was my Dads 60th Birthday – Happy Birthday! and we also managed to see some friends, and meet up to do a little business. First stop was London. Its always interesting to go back to the place after having lived there for about 10 years. I forgot how busy SoHo gets during the day, but that was made up by other factors.

Back from England – part1

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Last weekend we arrived back from a all-too-short week away in England. Its the first time that I have been back in quite a while and one of the ones that I have most enjoyed. Firstly we flew in to London City Airport dodging the bad luggage of Heathrow, the bad connections of Stanstead and the general grottyness of Gatwick. It only took about 30 minutes to get to our hotel, the Hoxton situated nicely on Great Eastern Street.