Back from England – part1

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Last weekend we arrived back from a all-too-short week away in England.

Its the first time that I have been back in quite a while and one of the ones that I have most enjoyed. Firstly we flew in to London City Airport dodging the bad luggage of Heathrow, the bad connections of Stanstead and the general grottyness of Gatwick.

Its a map!

It only took about 30 minutes to get to our hotel, the Hoxton situated nicely on Great Eastern Street. Upon arrival the hotel lived up to our expectations, and generally exceeded those of you would expect of a cheaper hotel in London. Clean silky beds, nice big shower and bathroom and all quite modern and well looked after.

Slightly urban london

On the first night we met up with some old work colleagues of mine at Liverpool street, a short walk from the Hoxton and had a good time.

Saturday was introduced with brunch at Smiths on Smithfields – a great English breakfast, though I think K was rather surprised with people already having Pints and champagne so early but I rather enjoyed the Bloody Mary that they served up! Then we went on to the V&A museum – perhaps my favourite because of the sheer variety of exhibits on offer, and after a short train ride some shopping and coffee and other things. We met up with Eric and Ellie at this point, and after a brief visit to some more shops, we all went back to have a drink at the Hoxton.

DSC_4925.JPG DSC_4924.JPG

Jem, Katherine and Matt soon joined us for more drinks and then we went to a Vietnamese where I tried the frogs legs. Surprisingly good.


Sunday was spent at Spitalfields market – much better than the tourist trap of Camden, then Bricklane for a breather before going to Neals Yard and Covent Garden to be socked in the July rain.


Next update will be soon, when I have time to write basically!

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