Loving Alexandros Vasmoulakis’s work


Just really fantastic imagery: I have to get some of these paintings I think, trouble is he paints them on the side of buildings: Maybe a small one painted in the living room would look cool. More information here: http://www.zap51.com/pheyo/

Google chrome OS

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Wow, Google have announced the release of the Google OS. Although it wasn’t entirely a shock its nice to see that they are promoting something from the ground up. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/introducing-google-chrome-os.html Looking forward to trying it out even if I don’t have a netbook.

Bada Table transforms into a love seat.


Bada Table transforms into a love seat.: “ Perfect for small-living spaces, the multi-functional Bada Table from EcoSystems, made of reclaimed walnut, transforms from a sleek table to a love seat with a simple ‘flick of the wrist.’‘Slatted for production soon, future models will be constructed of FSC certified wood. Clever. Via. ” (Via Curbly Recent Posts.) This is very cool.

BBC HD – slow motion surfing


This is just awesome: Make sure that you watch it in HD.

Palm Pre


The Palm Pre looks really interesting, not sure it will get me away from lusting after an iPhone – particularly for its OS X integration but I am glad Palm is doing good. Pity they couldn’t do better with the design though, but it looks like it could be comfortable to hold. This is what Scoble has to say about it: Palm did what Nokia, RIM, and Microsoft couldn’t: build a better experience than Apple: “

Predictions for 2008

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I don’t think its too late to provide some predictions for 2008, so here are mine. 3D Printers We are going to be seeing a lot more on the subject, although they have been out for a while I think this is going to be the year that we are going to be hearing alot more about 3D printers and 3D printing methods, and seeing a lot more things they can do.

100 things that you didn’t know about 2007


For once BBC news comes up with something interesting, a list of 100 things that you didn’t know about 2007: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/magazinemonitor/2008/01/100_things_we_didnt_know_last_3.shtml Some that I like include: Newcastle is the noisiest place in England. Only about half of China’s population can speak the national language, Mandarin. There is mobile phone reception from the summit of Mount Everest. Denmark is the happiest country in Europe; Italy the unhappiest. Cats can be police constables

Windows Mobile 6


I have finally got around to upgrading my HTC S620 phone to Windows Mobile 6 now that its a free upgrade from HTC. Of course I didn’t bother to backup the old SMS that I had on it, but ActiveSync took care of the contacts, calender, email etc with no problem. Now I have to go through the painful business of installing software on it. So here are my picks at the moment:

Top 30 Django Tutorials and Articles


Here’s a list of 30 helpful tutorials and/or articles on the Django web framework. This was written as an answer to the Top 30 Ruby on Rails tutorials and it is really helpful when you are learning Django. Hopefully this will help it get even more support. read more | digg story

hellahella on Apache 2

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I have been using hellahella using paster serve and I must say the performance was terrible. I don’t think that it is mean’t to be run for any length of time which is at odds with hellahella, the web interface to hellanzb, which is. I have documented before that I am using hellanzb to manage my nzb files, and hellahella makes it even easier and with integration with http://www.newzbin.com it is even better (how about one click downloads, unrar, par, and ready to view – yes I have it!