In the battle to stop the hacking of WordPress I have migrated the comments over to Disqus. Looking at the logs over the past few days its quite clear that there is something wrong with the way that WordPress handles incoming comments, probably all it takes is to buffer overflow the comment URL and the hacker can inject code. So I have disabled the comments in WordPress and moved over to disqus, which was something that I have been wanting to do for a long time anyway.

Javascript MVC frameworks with MVC server frameworks

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Really interesting article about Javascript MVC frameworks at CodeBrief. Personally and for work I am totally into backbone.js. It is changing the way that I work with Javascript in my web applications for the better by bringing greater structure and organisation to my code and having a common methodology in the way that I approach server-browser communications. The only problem that I have is that having a MVC stack in the browser is fine, but then we have the same on the server side with Rails (ok not exactly MVC), Django, Node.

Django Select Multiple filter.


Django has a really nice select multiple field, for choosing multiple items at once with a Javascript chooser.. It is really handy to use when there is a large number of items that have to be chosen from in a select. I am using with JQuery. To do this, grab SelectFilter2.js from the django-admin media folder, or get it from Django’s GitHub repository. Then to initialize it you can put the following into your code:

Orbited + Django dev daemon


Today I got my Django project working with Orbited. By creating a twisted proxy for Orbited and Django I am able to serve a development environment for both Django and Orbited plus the builtin MorbidQ message queue. I am going to be using this to give live notifications of events that are happening on the system in realtime, and so it should be able to handle quite a large load. To do this I will use another queue in production, but I have found it needed to sort out the development environment first of course.

Realtime web – Orbited vs Tornado


My latest task and one that I have been researching and playing with for some time is to integrate real time feedback in to our web application. The main goal is to be able to provide real time feedback of jobs and updates to users without Ajax style polling. This is a simple requirement to write, but one that had many deeper issues. Firstly it needs to be able to handle many users concurrently and secondly it should do so without blocking execution of code.

Seth Godin on the tribes we lead


Really interesting talk by Seth Godin:

Twitter mobile phone number fail


Could someone please tell me exactly how I am supposed to put in my phone number? Seriously something wrong with this. And of course if I click submit it tells me that I should have filled out the number correctly.

Facebook is AOL 2.0


Facebook is The Borg: “ Much of the activity that used to happen out in the wild unfettered Net, over email, open (XMPP-based) IM and blog posts is now happening inside the Facebook silo. It is AOL 2.0. I avoid the place, but that’s getting harder. On this current visit I see 7 friend suggestions, 273 friend requests, 6 event invitations, 5 good karma from debo requests, 1 good karma request, 220 other requests, 4 new updates, 235 items in my inbox, 7 pokes and 522 friends to start with.

This is awesome – Papervision

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This is really really awesome, and you have to really check it out for your self. Its a little flash application that uses a webcam or other camera attached to your computer to project a little ‘Proto’ guy on top of a printed piece of paper. They have even got some code released for it. Check it out here with some images and video, but it really works better to try it yourselves:

django one form, two models

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This post is a work in progress is now working I am glad to say. I have been working on a django site which needs two models updated for one post. It is actually using models very close to that on django-forums and I have created a forms.py file: <br /> class ThreadForm(forms.ModelForm):<br /> class Meta:<br /> model = Thread<br /> exclude = (‘forum’, ‘sticky’, ‘closed’, ‘posts’, ‘views’, ‘latest_post_time’)</p> <p> def clean_title(self):<br /> title = self.