Nice things for the home

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Been buying things for the apartment recently, not least some lovely Iittala bowls: This one is the 2,8L salad bowl, part of the Taika design by Klaus Haapaniemi. Perfect summer design for summer salads. Kristin also picked up some bowls from a local potter in Varmland.


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Words in inspire user experience designers: Nice list of quotes, one to add to the news reader that’s for sure. I particularly agree with: “In design, space is not the problem. Attention is.” “Making assumptions about our users leads us to design for ourselves” “The worst misstep one can make in design is to solve the wrong problem”

Product redesign, first steps in a process


So we have started on a major product redesign at work and things are going well. The product in question is the flagship product from our Swedish office, and the launch point and central resource for the many others here. Starting a redesign is no simple process, after all the decision to do so usually comes from several sources not just the need to do it, but justifiable business reasoning.