Star Trek – lovely lens flare


Seems that the new Star Trek film is getting talked about quite a lot at the moment and quite a lot of it to do with the lens flare used through out the production. I must admit that I really liked it, and I am sure a large percentage of that was to do with the look and feel of the film, lens flare included. Yes its geeky, yes its a summer blockbuster, yes its quite puerile – but its good fun and very attractive ( Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld ) at the same time.

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Full time Mac user – sort of

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Anyone that has been on this site before will know that I have an affinity for Apple Macs, particularly their laptops. Since moving to Sweden I have now ditched windows machines – full time, almost! Actually one of the main reasons for getting the new MacBook Pro was that I could run, OSX, Windows XP (or Vista) and Linux/BSD on the same machine. Because of work Windows XP is a major requirement, our software mainly runs on it and a lot of development is done on it and after testing that it ran our OpenGL based VizArtist correctly I knew that it was the right machine to have with 2Gb of RAM of course.

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