YUI and Camino


So I have been adding some AJAX goodness to the new site that I am building (all will be revealed soon after testing!) and after some help choosing a framework I decided upon Yahoo’s YUI.

It helps that some others are already looking at this library, but I am so far having trouble with Camino.

Camino is my favorite browser on the Mac by far, so of the niceness of the Gecko browsing engine along with better Mac integration but should I support it. I want to degrade it nicely, turning it over to my normal XHTML forms but I have yet to find a way. So I am going down the route of trying to find out manually.

Even though its a minor browser I still feel that I should do my best, to find out how I decided to look at the stats for this site over the past 2 months to see using what and this is the result:

Firefox: 52.38%

Internet Explorer: 34.21%

Safari: 6.24%

Opera: 3.53%

Mozilla: 1.89%

Konqueror: 0.72%

Camino: 0.69%

Netscape: 0.24%

Mozilla Compatible Agent: 0.07%

Galeon: 0.03%

So quite minor, but I like Camino so I should, and I like Opera so I just need to check that on a Mac, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that figure is me!

updates to come.

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