Dreamhost backup plans

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I have been looking at how I backup my data at home, and one thing that always comes to mind is how to get these backups of site, and preferrably into a different geographical area easily.

Well Amazon S3 storage was always on my mind, but recently Dreamhost have gone crazy with their storage offerings.  I know have over 400Gb of space with over 4Tb of transfer for a small outlay each month.

A cost comparison has been done here by Joseph Scott showing how the two compare:


I am going to be looking at implementing something with Dreamhost I think, I am not a major corporation, I am a home user with some data so I think Dreamhost will be fine.

Bacula and Backuppc are two projects that run on Debian that I will be checking out, and first and foremost I want to make sure that my data is encrypted quite strongly.  Though I am probably going to put up my photo archive just as is, to have easy access when needed.  More posts to come on this.

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