Keeping the wheel – Norsk Test


I was thinking about redoing this in Django on it or something, but then I thought; what is the point of redoing this?  Although it only took me 4 hours to build in the first place, there is not really much point in rebuilding something that works.

So Norsk Test is back and still a multiple choice test that I was using to test myself on Norwegian words, either from Norwegian to English or English to Norwegian.  All the words have been taken from the book “Klar for Norge” and as I mentioned above it was done rather quickly, but I need the practice.  I am sure there are some errors in it, even though a Norwegian teacher has looked over it and my Norwegian girlfriend.

On the ToDo list is an admin interface for it so I can easily add words, more classification types, I freeform type test, word search and tidying up the oh so horrid interface!  Perhaps look at the SQL it is using because I am sure its quite nasty.

Now I need to find something to get those Django skills up!

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