New Blog MusicTech.


Well keeps expanding, not sure whether it is getting any better but it is expanding! This time I have added a new blog called MusicTech to talk about music technology, synths, and any other cool pieces of kit that I come across.

I have been wanting to blog about this for ages but until now I have refrained as I didn’t want to clutter up this site anymore that it already is – after all it is holding both my personal information and my techie stuff at the same time as commenting on what is happening with my move to Bergen.

So there we have it. A fresh new blog, and what better to use than fresh new blogging software. In keeping with my like of WordPress I have choosen the latest and greatest V2.01 which I must say is really slick to look at on the Administration side. I haven’t put anything on the front of because I wanted to get the content put in first. I have many a redesign to do before I start just doing a design and creating a blog with WordPress is about the fastest way of building a fully functional site that I know of.

I am still messing around with Python at the moment, but I am thinking why don’t I just build my next site in WordPress instead of using Django. I would have had it almost built by now if I had gone for it!

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