New sites


Well I spent too long last night inbetween episodes of Rome looking at websites, because after 3 weeks being off I felt like I have forgotten the web.

Theres alot of speak about Web 2.0 most of which later, but its just a stupid term (wasn’t web 2.0 e-commerce, or rather e-commerce becoming ecommerce?) but there are alot of really good sites doing things with APIs, merging and syndicating content, tagging, RSS + ATOM, colloboration etc. One neat thing about using WordPress is users are always coming out with new plugins that join WordPress up to interesting sites.

Some of the more recent ones I have joined are: (You will see a test entry below) and with that comes,


All consuming


With tagging I don’t yet think anyone has got it really right, as there is no set heirarchy of the tags apart from relevance to the amount of people clicking an item, or the amount of times it is used alongside another tag. Perhaps in 2006 we will see people really sorting out tagging.

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