Ex IE developer talks


Very interesting post on the blog of Ex-Internet Explorer UI Developer Scott Burkin about why he switched to Firefox.

I don’t understand why people are still using IE at all anymore, but I guess there are just people that think its ok – the truth is it has had some security bugs, but they are fixed quickly, and they haven’t led anywhere yet. IEs integration into the OS worries me when using it aswell.

He does highlight some issues with Firefox, one being putting the search on the page function at the bottom of the window – but I have always been impressed with this. Other browers – including Camino (which I almost always use on OSX) just clunk instead with outdated pop-up boxes.

And he is right – the go menu is a complete waste of time. Kill it again please. Perhaps I will bring out a plugin that will sort all these issues out! Now there is an idea of what to do to kill some free time, and then in the next release have it built in to the App (Say Dashboard anyone?).

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