Web interface Terminal Services

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Had to reinstall this the other day due to a problem on the server, so in the end I installed a fresh copy of Windows 2003 server, implemented Terminal Services in the server configuration menu (can also be done from add/remove windows components) and pointed the licensing to the licensing server running on our Active Directory Domain cController. At this point, its good to do the windows update and get on with something else as Microsoft tries to patch itself in to semi-security!

There is a nice little download that will install the remote desktop web connection for Windows 2003, enabling users to browse to the box using Internet Explorer and use an ActiveX component to bring up an almost fully feature terminal services session. It requires IIS (what doesn’t!) to run, but again this is very trival to install. If you are installing IIS at the same time then it is one of the configuration options for IIS6, just install it at that point.

There are somethings that Microsoft do well (SQL server 2000 being another) and this is one of them.

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