Usability labs


Today I went down to look at our digital vision web site being used by a couple of users in a usability lab hosted by flow interactive. I watched 2 users, both experienced with looking at royalty free stock photography, but one had heard about us and one hadn’t. It was extremely interesting seeing at which points they found it hard to decide where to go, but there where some similarities in the way that they wanted to use the site.

Both users wanted to have the site centered around search, making the other items on the pages, particularly the home page, rather secondary. Once they entered the search it seemed that they took different paths to finding the results that they wanted. One user couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for in the first tests so expanded the results by entering a broader search term and putting more results on to the screen. The other just kept searching over and over again until he found something that he liked the look of.

Moving through the purchase path also returned some interesting results, with uses making natural assumptions to what buttons and links do what jobs, but the more experienced of the two users often corrected themselves when realising the pre-made conception in their head was wrong, which was very interesting.

Feed back about the site was overall positive, but it will be really interesting to see all the results, as I won’t be able to sit in on all the tests going on, so luckly they will be available on video for us. And I really like this image btw!:

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