skype conference calling


Wow, now is enabled for conference calling it has turned into a really mature application. If you haven’t heard about it before then you are probably about too as there has been alot recently about VOIP technologies that finally they have sorted out the compression techniques and bandwidth worldwide has on the whole improved.

Skype is by the same team that has brought about a popular P2P program and is based upon the same tech. and brings free (well at the cost of your internet connection, PC and headset) unlimited calls to friends with the same setup.

But whether it will past my killer test – getting my girlfriend to use it with no hassle to talk to her friends internationally – I doubt it in its current form. What would turn this from a decent internet people only technology to something that almost everyone that has a PC and decent internet connection to use will be integration into your home phone setup – whether completely or just seemingly seamlessly. The point where my Girlfriend can pickup the normal PSTN phone get connected though VOIP to her family in Norway is the day that this technology has truely fulfilled its role.

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