Pixar dropping Disney


It has bugged me (no pun intended) for quite sometime that a company such as Pixar whose complete existance is testiment to John Lassiter’s creative vision and hardwork would team up with Disney in the first place for its distribution and the greater risk of brand and commercialisation stealing Disney would be capable of. But this is now luckly consigned to history.

Pixar have made the great (IMHO) decision to drop Disney and stand on their own in the market place, and I am sure that with great films such as Finding Nemo, Toy Story 1 &2 they won’t have any problem.

I am not sure when my dislike of Disney first started but I really don’t favour what the once great animation house has become namely a bottom line watching monster with none of the vision held by its great founder Walt and the amazing hardwork that was done in the early days of Disney and indeed the early days of feature animation. They pioneered many techniques, ways of story telling and creative realisation of ideas that are still used today – but perhaps they shouldn’t have plagiarized fairy tales of old and passed them of as there own. I don’t believe it is all Eisners and modern Disney Execs faults but a generally slide over the years. Anyhow, don’t forget to check out all of Pixar’s films

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