No Net Connection :-(


Having moved house I now can hear Big Ben but have temporarily lost my internet connection (aswell as a bag of bolts for the cupboards, if you find them please mail them to me!) for the next few days hence posts will be sparse. In the meantime I would checkout the following:

Also if anyone has a decent clue as to why if I want a BT phone line, which in the UK is what we need for decent ADSL-Broadband services and a basic television service in this new flat I have such a hassle. I can get the phone line no problem, in fact 3 hours after I asked for the activation from BT I had an SMS with notification of it being installed, though I have yet to test it. But television, well this is the problem. The flat doesn’t have a standard TV socket but an old cable and wireless cable socket. C&W don’t do Cable for the UK anymore – NTL have taken over, but I have to have a NTL phoneline aswell to get the television packages, a phone line I can’t use for broadband unless I want NTL broadband which I don’t. I also have to have a TV License on top of this. Why? So I have to have:

Which is madness…..

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