Killer games machine?


This week Nintendo have been putting the hype about for their latest games machine – a dual screen handheld. Mmmm where have we seen those before? Sarcasm aside, this is a surprise move for Nintendo whom many see as falling behind in the console race behind Sony and Microsoft aswell as the huge online gaming scene that is particularly prevalent in Asia.

The Handheld is said to hold two 3″ TFT backlit screens and two processors, and their main selling point seems to be not what I expected – the design, but you use the second screen for a second perspective of a game which is quite unique at the moment for any gaming machine – but is it enough to compete against the much rumoured Sony PSP? Sony has alot of clout in the gaming world since bring the playstation on board and I would love to be able to predict fully what could happen but the brilliance of Nintendo has always been in the gaming and this isn’t something mere technical specs can foretell. Lets hope there is life in the old plumber and friends yet..

There is more to read over at Cube Europe and at Eurogamer – I will spare you the email blast I got from Nintendo..

Also made by Nintendo is some news Lik-Sa new handheld plug into the TV games where you can download the games at “download stations” throughout China. Not one for the rest of the world market then. If you still fancy getting your hands on one read more from lik-sang.

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