Mozilla Firebird


Like a lot of ‘web people’ as my girlfriend and friends sometimes like referring me as, I have recently become, in the last 12 months a Mozilla Firebird convert. I have been using it as a main browser at home and at work, on PC and Mac and it is almost a complete IE replacement – and it easily betters Safari in many ways.

It of course gets alot of praise for its tabbed browsing, and although it doesn’t seem that useful at the moment to anyone that hasn’t used it, its something of a god-send to those that have. No longer do we have to have windows for each site, but it is neatly organised within the application itself. The only downsize of this is if you have a lot of windows open it can use a large amount of RAM but then again so can IE and anyother Browser.

Its rendering of pages is very impressive and I only ever need to resort to using IE when a site hasn’t been coded correctly ( comes to mind!). In most circumstances it is quicker than most other browsers and handles CSS &XHTML well.

But whats got me writing this isn’t just the core functionality of Firebird but also the extensions that you can put in if you so desire and at the moment these are my favourites

All these add together to really help what I am doing when I am browsing and there are alot more extensions that could help others to make their browsing experience just alittle better. _Edit:_And I have found something more that is really useful for developers and is quite hidden: View Page info. Right click on the page and select it, you will get instant information about the page including the page weight, forums and the forum values, links, headers and more. Very Recommended!

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