iPod Mini


So Apple have announced the iPod mini, as of yet I haven’t heard much about the response from the expo itself, but the overall response and I share this opinion is that they are simply overpriced at $249.

For $50 more, consumers can get the new entry level 15Gb iPod, and in April when they are available outside of the States I wouldn’t be surprised if the pound price would be 249.. In other words far too expensive. Although it is a very strong brand and the player by far the most covertable, I can’t help thinking that Apple could have opened up a whole new market to itself if priced alot keener. Oh well I will have to wait a lot longer I guess to get one of those 20Gb beauties.

Also announced was iLife software which didn’t really capture my imagination – just seems like a soup’ed up suite and the Xserve G5 – with of course single or dual G5 processors.

For me this makes it the most desirable Mac yet produced, the 1U form factor being the icing on the cake..

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