design or not..


Another day goes by, and the world redesign another 1000 websites or in this case 53 redesigns for, the home of Jakob Nielsen, in the ReUseIT competition.

I am all for a decent redesign of the distinctly under-designed usability site but the entries for this redesign seem really poor. The aesthetics of each entry is barly better than the original and they have no fluidity or balance, the usability – the sites talking point would be no better and indeed in most cases worse and alot put much emphasis on Jakob’s celeribity. Note to class – Must do better

Elsewhere in the news today, Microsoft has been xerox’ing other OS’s again and is bring out a vector graphics tool called ‘Sparkle’ for the release of Longhorn.
This tool is being called a Flash killer, though it has also been built to cope with creating interfaces for the upcoming OS. I wait in the wings to see what happens.

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