New Office Application


Another year, and another release of perhaps one of Microsoft’s greatest revenue generators, The Office suite of Applications. New features include; Collaboration advances, much improved support for XML, Hopefully increased security, and every Application seems to have had an upgrade.

As usual this is being hailed as the greatest release ever, which will of course increase productivity whilst lowering costs etc.. One of the interesting features for me is the greater integration with server products and this alone is one of the ways that Microsoft is far ahead of the competition. An integrated Microsoft network is quite an interesting machine in many ways and there is much to recommend it, if you are running a medium sized company with Microsoft people abound.

But I don’t think that will tear me away from OpenOffice.orgOffice Suite in any real ways.. Based upon StarOffice, OpenOffice offers so much of what the Office does, but of course it is Open Source/GNU , has the ability to open Office documents, runs well on Windows, Linux and Solaris with ports coming to other OS soon. It particularly makes sense for people wishing to have an office suite on their home PC that they only use once in a while, but want great compatibility with other office suites.

Check it out, you owe it to yourself…

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