2012 to 2013


So another year is gone by and another year where I haven’t really blogged much, concentrating instead of Cantemo which had a pretty amazing year.

At the start of 2012 I made a list in Evernote of all the techie things that I wanted to achieve and I am going to review them here.

New Website/Blog. Well I have started on this. This site and my portfolio site are now quite out of date, www.timc3.com even having my old title so its been time for an upgrade. Couple this with the fact that I have had this WordPress instance hacked several times then I have good reason to move. I have wanted to use a static site builder to ease the need for Database and dynamic hosting, reducing the attack surface but even those have a large amount of installations that are needed.

I MUST do this in 2013.

Shuttle Plugin. This was a Google Chrome plugin for automatically searching or jumping to a URL, primarily for RedMine, based on keywords. Inspired by DuckDuckGo I didn’t actually realise that there is some functionality in Chrome for already doing this. Mine has a nice logo though.


Paint Wood in the Apartment. Not exactly technical, but a goal none-the less. I estimate I have done about 30% of what I need to do. Business and software writing took over.

An easy goal for 2013 with the other renovations that I will be doing.

Open source Project. I have posted a couple of projects up to GitHub and Bitbucket. Nothing really of note.

Could do better in 2013 work depending.

Working on Haiku. I loved the ideas and goals behind this operating system, and would love to contribute with my mix of coding and GUI design skills as from what I can see they could strongly do with the help.

I fear that I won’t have time in 2013 to do anything here.

MediaBox 1.4. This was a goal for work, release version 1.4 of MediaBox. Since I wrote that it has been renamed to Portal. We went on to release 1.5 and also the following goals met:

Plenty more releases coming in 2013!

So looking up at the above I still have some work to do in 2013. Add to that family time, a lot of apartment renovations, great software from Cantemo coming up, time at trade shows, and some trips abroad hopefully it looks like a busy 2013.

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