New year, new workflow improvements


So another new year has started but I continue to improve and refine my workflow and tooling.

Firstly git. The more I learn with git, the more I like it, and the more I get into it. I like the fact that I don’t need any other tool, if I was using Mercurial I would still have to use Git because of the amount of excellent code being published into GitHub. For example “git whatchanged” or however.

ZSH – I think its maybe because I invested the effort to configure it, put together my own theme but I am getting lots of improvements out of this.

Dotfiles in GitHub. I have more than one machine nowdays, in fact I generally work on 6 machines (Laptop, Virtual Ubuntu on Laptop, General purpose SSH server, home server, home OS X box and a work VMWare image), so having generic dotfiles with my configuration, ZSH configuration, Vim config and more really helps.

Working with django, multiple branches, I have switched pretty much fully to virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper. I now have one command for switching, with scripts that can move my config files etc.

SublimeText2 is pretty much my editor of choice on GUI with Vim on the server.

iterm2 for terminal on OSX. TMux for remote servers, so if I am using something more dumb than iTerm2 I still have multiple panes. This together with trying to get more and more keyboard shortcuts (even in Apple Mail), and less mouse usage is pretty damn good.

At some point I am going to start blogging more about other bits and pieces here I think, and move a more personal blog somewhere else. Either more in Facebook or into GooglePlus. This will all be linked together, as I have many separate profiles all over the place now.

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