A new year, new computer


Well not really, but every year I do some maintenance to make sure whatever I am using is up to date and fresh and this includes installing the latest versions and services packs to everything including:

Skype 2.8 Beta is the one that I am looking forward to using, included in the new features is screen sharing – which apparently works across different operating systems, which should prove really handy for debugging and helping my parents with their PC from my Mac. Not sure about the new design of the chat window though, those icons don’t seem as smooth as their previous versions:


I have also cleaned out a lot of files, and Time Machine backups to make sure that I am only backing up the content that really matters to me. Deleting backups is as simple as going into time machine, going to the backup window that you wish to delete and from the gears menu choosing “Delete backup”.

I will deleting hidden backup files was as easy.

Now I am just waiting for my body to adjust to daylight again!

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