Its 2009 but should I resolve to do something?


So its 2009, and it came around all too quickly. I can see from MarsEdit that the amount of posts that I have put on this blog is quite down from a couple of years ago, which is testament to how busy I have been.

For the Christmas period I tried to step away from my computer a bit and calm down, and the other period I was in Karlstad enjoying the festivities and doing a small amount of work and reading the great RESTful Web Services book.

But soon its back to work, and so back to computers, renovating the apartment (soon it will be done!) and back to everything else that makes up my day.

I have been thinking about what I New Years resolutions I should do and I have so far only come up with the following:

Of course, I could probably do all of these, but with such goals is it just setting myself up for failure, so what can I do towards them and why am I doing them (if you wonder why I am posting this then these posts often serve as a reminder to myself of what I should be concentrating on and as a diary for the future).

  1. Why do I want to give up snus – its messing with my gums and together we spend 29000Kr a year on it. I think thats reason enough, rather than just doing it.

  2. Post more on this blog – it serves me in many ways, and more often than not I post for myself to remind me of what I am doing rather than keeping a diary. Its not hard to do, I just have to remember to do it!

  3. Create something of value – this could be the hardest if I wasn’t already started on this. I feel I really am doing so at work with the redesign that I am working on, and in my personal life I am probably adding value, but there is much more planned for this year.

  4. Become more self sufficient – This is a very open goal that encompasses much, such as being more energy sufficient, growing my own herbs, not spending 500Kr every day in the supermarket on rubbish, cleaning green and many more improvements to my living style. I should make a list on this one!

  5. Try not to kill every plant I get – Well I am quite bad at understanding the needs of a plant, and so I need to find out more about that. Perhaps it will even be enjoyable?

  6. Get fitter. My fitness level is quite poor even though my body is perhaps in the best shape its been in for many years. I have a skiing trip planned this year and that is an excellent goal for getting fitter.

So thats it. 2009 a year of none resolute improvements.

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