My top ten OS X applications


Its been a year with this Mac Book Pro that I am using so I thought that I would round up with my top ten Mac software – the software that I would install first of all after a crash.

  1. Quicksilver. This is a must have on the Mac. I find out something new about it every week if not everyday and it makes using OS X even easier and more streamlined. For instance, finding a contact and then sending an SMS through Skype can be achieved in a few keystrokes, far faster than clicking around in the GUI.

  2. NetNewsWire Pro. Now free to download, I had a paid version of this and its the best way to read newsfeeds that I have come across. It syncs with a web version so I can still access the my newsfeeds when I am away, and there are clients for other platforms including Windows Mobile.

  3. Knox. I use this to keep all my important documents and things that I don’t want to go missing. It backups to my USB thumbdrive everyday, and its easy to backup online.

  4. SSHFS and MacFuse. Easy easy way to mount external SSH shares onto the desktop.

  5. Address book, Apple Mail and iPhoto. At first I stayed away from the integrated applications, but they are REALLY integrated, and work so well together the extra functionality that you get from using them together is well worth the switch.

  6. Adium. The best chat client that I have found for instant messaging on OS X. It doesn’t have all the features that individual applications might have (voice and webcam for one). But sometimes you just don’t need that, and really Skype running along side is better for this. If it had all the features of Skype it would be really the true all rounder.

  7. Unison. I use Usenet alot. Its a great news client. Perhaps the best on any platform at the moment.

  8. Textmate. Perhaps the best editor on OS X – I tried many until I paid up and bought Textmate. Its strong bundles and integration with svn plus the nice support for Django wins for me.

  9. MarsEdit. Great blog posting tool.

  10. Versions. This is quite new but it makes working with SVN just a little easier.

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