Installing ffmpeg on OS X


This is a work in progress for installing ffmpeg on OSX by a custom compile

This is another thing that I have needed to do and decided to put what I am doing in a blog post, I might need it in the future or it might be helpful for others.

So firstly download LAME – this is needed for supporting MP3 audio files, such as those in FLV and also for vorbis support. LAME src can be located on sourceforge.

Unarchive the file (lame-3.98b6 at the time of writing )

<br /> cd lame-3.98b6<br /> ./configure –with-vorbis<br /> make<br /> sudo make install<br />

The first time I did this I noticed a problem running make so I “make clean” and then went through the process again.

Next up we want support for AAC audio, and you can get packages called FAAD2 and FAAC from for these and then unarchive them ( FAAD 2.6.1 and FAAC 1.26 at the time of writing).

<br /> cd faad2<br /> autoreconf -vif<br /> ./configure –without-bmp –without-xmms –without-drm –without-mpeg4ip<br /> make<br /> sudo make install<br />

Then faac

<br /> cd faac<br /> ./bootstrap<br /> ./configure –with-libmp4v2<br /> make<br /> sudo make install<br />

x264 ( )

<br /> cd x264<br /> ./configure –enable-pthread –enable-pic<br /> make<br /> make install<br />


<br /> wget<br /> tar -xzvf a52dec-snapshot.tar.gz<br /> cd a52dec-0.7.5-cvs/<br /> ./configure<br /> ./configure –enable-libmp3lame –enable-x264 –enable-liba52 –enable-gpl</p> <p>

And for amr_wb and amr_nb go into their directories and do the following:

<br /> ./configure<br /> make clean<br /> make -j2 > /dev/null<br /> sudo make install<br />

Basically the -j2 switch is for enabling dual cores when compiling.

Now we get around to compiling ffmpeg itself:

<br /> ./configure –enable-shared –disable-mmx –enable-libmp3lame –enable-libamr-wb –enable-libamr-nb –enable-nonfree –disable-vhook<br /> make clean<br /> make -j2 > /dev/null<br /> sudo make install<br />

And that should be it though I am currently trying this configuration and it seems to work well:

<br /> ./configure –enable-shared –disable-mmx –enable-libmp3lame –enable-libamr-wb –enable-libamr-nb –enable-nonfree –enable-libx264 –enable-libfaad –enable-gpl –disable-vhook<br />

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