Leopard – OS X 10.5


This has been probably blogged several million times now, but I am really enjoying the latest release of OS X – 10.5 also know as Leopard.

Lots has been written about it including a really good review over at Arstechnica, but for me most of the downsides they note are ignorable.


  1. The 3D dock – I really don’t notice it in every day action anymore, it might be because I am using Quicksilver but its not so bad.

  2. The semi-transparent menu bar – well I changed the background to black and white Leopard fur and it looks good.

  3. Time-machine – I am not using it at the moment.

  4. Stacks – useless until you create your own that makes sense to you.

The upsides for me:

  1. Spaces. I have been waiting for this built into the OS for ages..

  2. Terminal. Tabbed and better its a much needed improvement.

  3. Speed. It does seem faster.

  4. Mail. Improved and with some nice new features

  5. iChat. I am actually using this now.

  6. Network configuration. This makes much more sense now.

Not currently using:

  1. Coverflow in the finder. Well I did use it once. Only once apart from playing

  2. Time Machine. My external drive is almost out of space, and I have a good backup system in place anyways.

  3. The server integration. Doesn’t seem to work as I need it to.

All in all a worthwhile upgrade despite some negative comments.

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