I give up – an essay on smoking


Stephen Fry posted this on his blog the other day, and well its a perfectly good tale of smoking. Really liking his blog.

I Give Up

A short blessay on addiction.

Have I an ‘addictive personality?’ Am I an addiction addict? Is there some gene in me that predisposes me to dependency? Did I inherit a demonstrable physical tendency or was it a character flaw? Am I simply weak? Weak-willed, self-indulgent, lacking in character, moral fibre, decency, strength of mind, honesty and courage?

Is that even a fair array of choices? Maybe there’s an admixture of weakness, genetic propensity and hedonistic degradation in me. Perhaps I should calm down and let myself off the hook in some areas while justly castigating myself in others.

Let’s lay out the history first. Incidentally, I know there is nothing quite so yawn-worthy as a ‘my drugs hell’ confessional, so I’ll try and get it out of the way as swiftly as I can.

(Via Stephen Fry.)

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