Is NetBSD in a bad way?


Well if this email from one of the founders and leaders of the NetBSD project and foundation it could be.

From what he is saying is that participation in NetBSD is at an all time low, and contributors have no clear leader pushing development leading to stagnation in the project.

Its interesting stuff particularly if you want to know why this project is failing and others succeding, but at the end of the day it is what businesses know all along – one strong leader to push and fight is always better than a committee of joint responsibility, why else would major corporations around the world work like this.

It will be sad to see NetBSD disolve, the same way the Darwin project has gone, but I can’t help wonder if there is something bubbling under that can come and change the state of the marketplace. ¬†Something non-BSD, non-unix, non-Posix based. ¬†In other words something to challenge OSX, Linux, *Nix and Windows in the future.

I hope OpenBSD will prosper for sometime longer.

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