Well NetNewsWire is definitely the best News (RSS) reader that I have used period, so I didn’t have much trouble coughing up the small amount that it cost to get a license for it. If it had the Camino HTML rendering engine built in it would be perfect.


As I have written about before the fact that you can flag items that are of interest is excellent, and presents an easy way of coming back to content later, plus it has features that every other RSS reader would love to have whether on Mac or PC > Tabbed Browsing, Searching, Podcast, Smart lists, Bloglines syncing, Search engine subscriptions, scripting, HTML difference tracking, finding feeds that haven’t been updated in a long time. In fact a lot more, download the trial for more information.

And secondly its integration with MarsEdit was excellent, so I got the bundle deal. I think I slightly prefer Ecto for dealing with weblogs and publishing – it just seems easier to use, but what I really needed was the integration.


Adding images and other things isn’t obvious straight away, but it is under the HTML tags drop down, likewise the custom tags option isn’t that obvious.

So if you care about your news, I can recommend both and I also wish their was a similar product on Windows and Linux.

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