There has been many interesting articles, products and discussions on the web in the past week and I have been cutting and pasting them into this blog entry. Seeing as they don’t seem to be stopping perhaps time to post them up.

Amazon launches S3 – Simple Storage Service. At the moment its part of their AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform but it looks great. Its currently using SOAP and could take the crown from Google Drive, but more importantly opens up all sorts for nice web app mashups.

The Cost of Bootstrapping Your App: The Figures Behind DropSend (part one) – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals). Ryan Carson offering interesting information as usual.

What techcrunch,the source, on web2.0 news wants to see in the future.

ORA talking Entrepreneurial proverbs.

Why Ruby, I am trying to learn python at the moment I am inclined to agree with this article – Ctrl-C from the web formating problems and the lack of decent reference is not making it as easy as it should be.

Pixoh – Edit pictures online before putting them in flickr or the new competitors that are coming out.

“Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace – A fantastic look at why MySpace is proving so popular particularly with the under 20s. Of course there are up and coming spaces that seemed to be doing very well as well. Perhaps a new app will come out soon that will stitch them together.

Treehouse magazine. New webbie mag, looks nice but I can’t actually remember why I blogged this!.

Vast A new search service that uses its data in a different way. At the moment they are showing a beta with cars for sales, job ads and peoples profiles but the real interesting thing is this just touches on what it can do. It has some very clever search functions, can go behind logon screens and has an excellent open API. Read more at techcrunch.

Rick Segal says watch this. I am not from Microsoft but perhaps I should too.

Anti-marketing design, or why ugly apps win some of the time. Not sure whether I believe everything here.

DIY Kite camera This would look great on top of the mountains around Bergen.

9 tips for productive meetings.

And thats about it for now. Sorry for the lack of pictures recently, but I haven’t had time in between my network overhaul and work.

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