300 Hours of Norwegian


This doesn’t seem to be common knowledge yet, but the Norwegian government in their quest for new rules and laws (not to mention new taxes!) has implemented a rule that everyone that comes to Norway after the 1st September 2005 will have to complete 300 hours of tuition if they want to stay permanently.

Slight bit of information on the UDI site as well as more in Norwegian on the ImDi

Norwegian is of course the first language of Norway, confused somewhat by the two written forms and hundreds of regional dialects, but none the less it is important if you want to live a life in Norway to understand it.

At my language school, my teacher also told of a new rule that requires all none-natives staying in Norway will need to undergo 50 hours of lessons in their native tongue about Norwegian laws and practises but I have yet to see any information written about this yet.

Velkommen til Norge indeed!

More about moving to Norway.

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