New home in Norway, new blog version


Well finally I have moved this blog from testing into its real domain. It now mirrors more effectively the style of but looking at it after a few weeks of having no internet connection I still see I have a lot of work to do. Moving from my own code base means that I don’t have to spend time on coding it anymore and should be able to get on with the content!

The other main news and the reason that I have been away from posting so much is the fact that I have moved from London to Bergen in Norway, several reasons behind it but obviously I have always wanted to try and live in a country other than England. The move went quite smoothly – we hired a Van from Norway, Jeanettes parents brought it across and we then filled it up (and it was totally full!) drove it to Newcastle and got the Ferry.

Normally there is a ferry from Newcastle to Bergen and that would have made life very easy, but of course they do maintenance work on the Ferry and we picked the time (Late October, Early November) on which they do this. A Ferry to Kristansands in the South of Norway got us to the country and an 8 hour drive on pretty main roads finally got us to Bergen.

So here we are, I will put in another post whats happened since as I am sure that the information will be useful to others if they ever want to move to Norway!

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