Linking up


A friend of mine has been busy building a link site called which looks like a pretty neat bookmarks manager. But of course I have lost my password, so during the wait I checked out a bookmark tagging system that has been around for some time. I never bothered to put my bookmarks on until now because I have really started to use more than one computer at home – including a Mac with Camino. Hope this will help until I get lilisto up and running. made it more difficult from the start because their import manager was not working, but luckily I found a Java applet that will do the job. If you only have a few bookmarks you can try an online version here.

I have also created a technorati account. Not sure why, just jumping on yet another bandwagon I suppose but it can’t do any harm. Taking ages to go through the claim step though. So far it seems like it doesn’t offer much, but there must be a reason that so many people are using it.

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