New products from Apple


Its that time of year when Apple brings out some of its more exciting products and I must admit they look great. First of is the Shuffle which looks fantastic. Its either 512Mb or 1Gb chewing gum sized music player and I think I am going to put my order in straight away! It just looks so cool and I love the fact that it just charges off a usb port of which most people have lots! I just hope the battery lasts better than most of Apples claims

Next up they have brought us the Mac Mini which I won’t go into too many details about but suffice to say it looks gorgeous but why is it they always miss something that is crucial to me and that is namely a digital output so I could use it as a home theatre device. Oh well maybe I could find another use for it!

And lastly the brought out some more software iLife and iWork, which are beautifully packaged and probably work quite nicely as well though I am sure they won’t change lifes.

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