New page to the family


In between everything else I have been doing I have been taken Norwegian lessons, but as per normal with most technical people I needed to work on my memory – remembering words seemed to be the hardest thing so I built my own multiple choice test system!

I based it around the books that I am learning from – Klar for Norge, so it was applicable to my lessons, but also they seemed like a good base to anyone learning. I then looked at off the shelf scripts but none of these matched up to what I wanted so I created the whole thing myself.

Obviously its scripted in PHP, and uses MySQL for the database of words. It basically pulls the words out of the database, randomises the order of the words, then build multiple questions from the words via the rand() function puts in the correct answer and then shuffles(). So there we have it, a Norwegian test. I am still expanding the word list and I will probably break it up into categories at some point, but for now it gives me something to build on.

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